My name is Sean Bernstein—I am a Division I track and field coach, a former collegiate athlete, and an educator. The purpose of this website is to provide an interactive and innovative platform for track and field education. Mass media innovations have allowed for the advancement of outdated educational tools—paper has given way to the internet and the ineffectual has given way to convenience. In a self-conducted survey, 80% of respondents stated an interest in or intention of pursing further track and field education and 66% stated they would use educational tools in a digital medium. This website is designed to meet that demand.

Read, research, and ask questions—an educated coach is a better coach.

This website is for the new coach, the experienced coach, and everyone in between. It is my goal to help you improve and advance the sport of track and field as a whole. I have created eight specific categories of track and field education—included under the sprint and relay education tabs and linked to below—which discuss training and competition methodologies, scientific theories, and relevant research for the sprints event group. Additionally, I have provided specific sections on 4x100 meter and 4x400 meter relay education. Please enjoy and navigate at your own convenience!